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  • Impressive Set of 3 removable 3D wall Niche stickers, vinyl decals high quality stickers

    Ultimate solution for budget-savvy design enthusiasts looking to add a personalized and colorful touch to their space. The stickers are so easy to apply and remove! Ideal for renters, tenants, roommates, and homeowners alike – the Mi Alma peel & stick tile decals make it easy and affordable to turn a house into a home.

    Our talented graphic designers gather their inspiration from fashion, history, and up and coming trends to create the unique designs of our highly durable Mi Alma stickers

    The Stickers are ready to be easily applied on any clean & smooth surface. They are waterproof and heat resistant, so you can add color and liveliness to your Living room, Bedroom, Kids room, bathroom, dining room, washing room, Kitchen or any other smooth surface like wood, ceramic, plastic, glass, metal, plastic, ceiling, mirrors, walls, (with the exception of floors).

    Easy to Apply, Easy to Remove, Suitable for Kitchens + Fireplaces
    (Heat Resistant up to 122F/50 C)
    Suitable for Bathrooms Suitable for Bathrooms (Fully Waterproof)

    Perfect On Multiple Surfaces

    Available sizes:

    Please measure the length and width of the surface you are looking to cover.

    Each tile arrives as an individual sticker and is available in different sizes, once you have the measurements, check out the different sizes we offer here to determine which tiles are best for you. You might have to cut one of the tiles which can easily be done with scissors or a utility knife. Please refer to each individual product for exact dimensions.  If you’re looking for a custom size, please send us a message and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

     Available Sizes and Measurements:


    Easy As 1-2-3:

    1. Peel sticker
    Before you begin the installation, ensure the application surface is clean by wiping with a damp cloth and wait until it is fully dry.

    2. Position the Sticker
    Position the sticker in the place you’d like it, apply sticker onto the desired surface.

    3. Remove any air bubbles
    Gently move your hand over the sticker in an outer motion to remove any air bubbles.

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